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Addition + Subtraction = Endless Creativity


3D Printing

Tosey focuses on rapid addition manufacturing with industrial materials.

Producing end-usable parts at a low cost.


Rapid prototyping and manufacturing at a low cost with a variety of materials.


Fine detail with industrial purpose materials on-demand.


CNC Machining

CNC machining is a computerized subtraction manufacturing method that removes materials to cut/shape highly accurate parts and prototypes.

Customizable Service

We combine addition and subtraction manufacturing with years of experience to offer a customizable service for you.







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We combine addition and subtraction manufacturing to create customizable services that enable you to realize your vision.

Why Choosing Us?

Founded in 1993, we specialized in high-complexity parts machining. We delivered over one million parts to our customers that promote the precision machinery industry.

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Directly connected by engineers and you, not only effectively improving communication efficiency, but also clearly grasping all your needs.

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Tosey focus on rapid 3D printing with industrial materials, and Shiang-Tai specializes in CNC machining high-complexity parts. The combination of addition and subtractive manufacturing offers endless possibilities.

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With years of experience in developing and manufacturing, we are ready to assist your project!

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Machining your parts with high-quality materials produces the best possible result.

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In addition to using vernier and micrometer calipers, our manufacturing services are also equipped with instruments such as quadratic element measure and coordinate measuring machines to meet the various accuracy requirements of our customers.  Learn more about our Quality Policy

We value each customer's intellectual property rights and are committed to protecting their creativity. Therefore, we are prohibited from divulging any data, information, documents, drawings, and specifications provided by any customer during any terms of contact with our customers, with only the exception of our affiliated companies and contractors necessary for the production, shipping, and sale of parts. 

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Frequently Asked

If you have 3D printing experience, we highly recommend purchasing a machine for maximum output.
Learn more about our  Rat Rig printers.

If you are still assessing, we highly recommend trying out our efficient outsourcing service. Not only are there various printing technology and material options, but it can also effectively save on your personnel, space and time costs!
Learn more about our  Industrial 3D Printing.

CNC machined parts generally have the highest precision at a higher cost, with SLA and FDM coming later. We would recommend our customers start with lower-cost methods.

We will recommend the most suitable material that meets your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

We do CNC machining, 3D printing, and measuring in-house, with contract services for a variety of post processing to provide end-usable parts to our customers.

Lead times depend on parts complexity, manufacturing methods, quantity, etc. We will provide the lead time in the quote.


Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to having a pleasant business with you.